Kathy Albers
Epithelial-neuronal communication
Brian Davis
Visceral Pain

Michael Gold
Peripheral mechanisms of pain

Rick Koerber
Somatosensory information processing following injury
Sarah Ross
Neural circuits of itch and pain

Rebecca Seal
Neural circuits underlying touch and pain
Brad Taylor
Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Chronic Pain
Jami Saloman

Neurobiology of cancer and pain


Ghanshyan Sinha

Spinal mechanism of chronic pain

Emanuel Loeza

GABA signaling in the periphery and pain


Alejandro Almarza
TMJ Regeneration and Tissue Engineering
Alison Barth
Experience Dependent Cortex Plasticity
Lori Birder
Urothelial Cell Functions and Interactions
Lisa Borghesi
Stem Cell Responses to Infections
Joseph Glorioso, III
Analgesic Delivery and Expression of Genes via HSV
Gregg Homanics
Opioid Abuse and Pain Mechanisms
Charles Horn
Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
Jon Johnson
Glutamate Receptors
Anthony Kanai
Urinary Bladder Homeostasis
Daniel Kaplan
Skin Resident Immune Cells in Host Protection
Jordan Karp
Comorbid Depression and Pain
Paul Kinchington
Post Herpetic Neuralgia and Pain
Steve Meriney
Synaptic Regulation and Modulation
Nicole Scheff

Neurobiology of head and neck cancer and orofacial pain

Peter Strick
Neural Networks of Central Nervous System
Alan Sved
Autonomic Control of Cardiovascular System
David Whitcomb
Pancreatitis Mechanisms, Pancreatic Cancer, and Pain
Yan Xu
Mechanisms of Drugs on Ligand-Gated Receptors
Naoki Yoshimura
Control of Urinary Tract after Spinal Injury


Robert Arnold
Cheryl Bernstein
Jacques Chelly
Ronald Glick
Carol Greco
Eric Helm
Robert Kaniecki
David Levinthal
Jessica Merlin
Marta Pecina
Raymond Sekula
Gwen Sowa
Eva Szigethy
Ajay Wasan
Debra Weiner
Brian Williams
James Ibinson


Junichi Hachisuka
former Research Assistant Professor

Spinal Mechanisms of Itch