MSNBIO 2622 Mechanisms And Clinical Presentation Of Pain (3 semester hours)

This course provides attendees with vocabulary and knowledge about anatomy, physiology, mechanisms and modulation of pain. This fundamental knowledge is complemented by assigned readings from the literature and clinical presentations about pain syndromes and pain management. The course is offered in spring semesters and meets in room 1495 BST on Mondays and Thursdays, 3:30 – 5:00.

MSNBIO 2623 Pain Models – Rationale, testing and interpretation (1 semester hour)

This course will focus on the design and analysis of animal and human pain models and will incorporate classroom presentations about various pain models (e.g., inflammatory, neuropathic, etc.), including demonstrations. The course is offered in fall semesters and meets in room 1495 BST on Mondays, 3:30 – 4:30.

MSNBIO 2651 Pain Journal Club (1 semester hour, fall and spring semesters)

This discussion-based course uses assigned readings to examine pain mechanisms and management with an emphasis on critical literature evaluation and topical developments in the field of pain. This course meets weekly in room 1495 BST on Tuesdays at noon.

MSNBIO 2682 Current Research on Pain (CROP) (1 semester hour, fall and spring semesters)

This is an advanced graduate level course for students interested in current research on pain mechanisms, management and clinical presentation of pain. Presentations by course participants form the basis for class participation and discussion. This course meets every other Thursday in room 1495 BST at noon.


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