Journal Club

Jan. 3rd – John Horn

The sacral autonomic outflow is sympathetic
Espinosa-Medina I, Saha O, Boismoreau F, Chettouh Z, Rossi F, Richardson WD and Brunet JF. Science, 2016. 354(6314): p. 893 – 7.
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consensus: developmental biologists and physiologists come head-to-head!
discussion from this journal club led to an eLetter response in Science.

Jan. 10th – Cedric Peirs (Seal lab)

Touch receptor-derived sensory information alleviates acute pain signaling and fine-tunes nociceptive reflex coordination
Arcourt A, Gorham L, Dhandapani R, Prato V, Taberner FJ, Wende H, Gangadharan V, Birchmeier C, Heppenstall PA and Lechner SG. Neuron, 2016. in press
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consensus: very cool paper and outstanding presentation. double kudos!

Jan. 17th – Qing Liu

Spinal inhibitory interneuron diversity delineate variant motor microcircuits
Bikoff J, Gabito MI, Rivard AF, Drobac E, Machado TA, Miri A, Brenner-Morton S, Famojure E, Diaz C, Alvarez FJ, Mentis GZ, and Jessel TM. Cell, 2016. 165(1) 207-219
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consensus: so many subtypes!

Jan. 24th – Keith Vogt

Different brain circuitries mediating controllable and uncontrollable pain
Brasher AK, Becker S, Hoeppli ME, Schweinhardt P. J Neurosci, 2016. 38(18):5013-5020
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consensus: this is an important question

Jan. 31st – Stephanie Puig (Gutstein Lab)

Loss of mu opioid receptor signaling in nociceptors, but not microglia, abrogates morphine tolerance without disrupting analgesia
Corder G, Tawfik VL, Sypek EI, Low SA, Dickinson JR,Sotoudeh C, Clark JD, Barres, BA, Bohlen CJ, and Scherrer G. Nat Medicine, 2017.published online Jan. 16.
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consensus: so interesting — lots of discussion!

Feb. 7th – Emanuel Loeza (Gold lab)

Reversible induction of pain hypersensitivity following ontogenetic stimulation of spinal astrocytes
Nam Y, Kim J-H, Kim J-H, Jha MK, Jung JY, Lee M-G, Choi I-S, Jang I-S, Lim DG, Hwang S-H, Cho H-J, Suk K. Cell Reports, 2016. 17, 3049-3061
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consensus: nice job Emanuel!

Feb. 14th – Tara Deemyad (Urban lab)**

Shank3 deficiency impairs heat hyperalgesia and TRPV1 signaling in primary sensory neurons
Han Q, Kin YH, Wang X, Liu D, Zhang Z-J, Bey AL, Lay M, Chang W, Berta T, Zhang Y, Jiang Y-H, Ji RR. Neuron, 2016. 92, 1279-1293
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consensus: novel presynaptic function for Shank!

Feb. 21st – Lindsey Snyder (Ross lab)

A brainstem-spinal cord inhibitory circuit for mechanical pain modulation by GABA and enkephalins
Francois A, Low SA, Sypek EI, Christensen AJ, Sotoudeh C, Beier KT, Ramakrishnan C, Ritola KD, Shariff-Naeini R, Deiseroth K, Delp SL,Malenka RC, Juo,L, Hantman AW, and Scherrer G. Neuron, 2017. 93, 1-18
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consensus: Tour de force highlighting cool viral experiments

Feb. 28th – Jane Hartung (Gold lab)

Blocking microglial pannexin-1 channels alleviates morphine withdrawal in rodents
Burma NE, Bonin RP, Leduc-Pessah H, Baimel C, Cairncross ZF, Mousseau M, Shankar JV, Stemkowski PL, Baimoukhametova D, Bains JS, Antle MC, Zamponi GW, Cahill CM, Borgland SL, De Koninck Y, Trang T. Nat Medicine, 2017. Jan 30 [Epub ahead of print]
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consensus: Intriguing results sparked a heated debate over the presence of opioid receptors in glial cells.

March 7th – Spring Break

March 14th – Michael Chiang (Ross lab)**

Leaky gate model: Intensity-dependent coding of pain and itch in the spinal cord
Sun S, Xu Q, Guo C, Guan Y, Liu Q, Dong X. Neuron, 2017. 93, 840-853.
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consensus: this was the most hilarious journal club ever.

March 21st – Sarah Najjar (Albers lab)

Long-lasting antinociceptive effects of green light in acute and chronic pain in rats
Ibrahim MM, Patwardhan A, Galbraith KB, Moutal A, Yang X, Chew LA, Largent-Milnes T, Malan TP, Vanderah TW, Porreca F, Khanna R. Pain, 2017. 158 (2), 347-360.
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consensus: wow! this is very intriguing, and a huge caution for all of us doing real time place aversion with light.

March 28th – Jami Soloman (Davis lab)

PanIN neuroendocrine cells promoter tumorigenesis via neuronal crosstalk
Sinha S, Fu Y, Grimont A, Ketcham, M, Lafaro K, Saglimbeni JA, Askan G, Bailey JM, Melchior JP, Zhong Y, Joo MG, Grbovic-Huezo O, Yang IH, Basturn O, Baker L, Park Y, Kurtz RC, Tuveston D, Leach SD and Pasricha PJ. Cancer Research 2017. in press.
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consensus: cool insight into the mystery of neural-epithelial crosstalk in cancer — substance P!

April 4th – Colleen Cassidy (Koerber lab)

Small-molecule inhibition of STOML3 oligomerization reverses pathological hypersensitivity
Wetzel C, Pilfer S, Picci C, Gok C, Hoffman D,Bali KK, Lampe A,Lapatsina L, Fleischer R, St John Smith E, Begay V, Moroni M, Estebanez L, Kuhnemund J, Walcher J, Specker E, Neuenschwander M, von Kries JP, Haucke V, Tuner R, Poulet JFA, Schmoranger J, Poole K and Lewin G. Nature Neuroscience 2017. 20(2), 209-218.
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April 11th – Junichi Hachisuka (Ross lab)

Molecular and neural basis of contagious itch behavior in mice
Yu YQ, Barry DM, Hao Y, Liu XT, Chen ZF. Science 2017. 355, 1072-1076.
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consensus: the optogenetic data are pretty compelling — who would of guessed that the SCN is involved in itch?

April 18th – Distinguished Speaker Lunch

April 25th – Cynthia Arokiaraj (Seal lab)

Local GABAergic signaling within sensory ganglia controls peripheral nociceptive transmission
Du X,Hao H,Yang Y, Huang, S, Wang C, Gigot S, Ramli R, Li X, Jaworski E, Edwards I, Deuchars J, Yanagawa Y, QI J, Guan B, Jaffe DB, Zhang H, Gamper N. J Clin Invest 2017. April 4. [Epub ahead of print].
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Aug. 30th – Maggie Wright (Koerber lab)

Selective spider toxins reveal a role for the Nav1.1 channel in mechanical pain
Osteen, J.D., V. Herzig, J. Gilchrist, J.J. Emrick, C. Zhang, X. Wang, J. Castro, S. Garcia-Caraballo, L. Grundy, G.Y. Rychkov, A.D. Weyer, Z. Dekan, E.A.B. Undheim, P. Alewood, C.L. Stucky, S.M. Brierley, A.I. Basbaum, F. Bosmans, G.F. King, and D. Julius. Nature, 2016. 534(7608): p. 494-499.
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consensus: watch out for those spiders – fantastic presentation Maggie of a very interesting paper!

Sept. 6th – Jami Saloman (Davis lab)

Localized Sympathectomy Reduces Mechanical Hypersensitivity by Restoring Normal Immune Homeostasis in Rat Models of Inflammatory Pain
Xie, W., S. Chen, J. A. Strong, A. L. Li, I. P. Lewkowich and J. M. Zhang The Journal of neuroscience 2016.36(33): 8712-8725.
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consensus: microsympa-wow! tricky surgery. very impressive!

Sept. 13th – Michael Chiang (Ross lab)

The coding of cutaneous temperature in the spinal cord
Ran C, Hoon MA, Chen X Nat Neurosci.  2016 Sep; 19(9):1201-9.
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consensus: such an exciting proof of concept — this is the future of understanding spinal microcircuits

Sept. 20th – Matt Rannals (Urban lab)**

GABA-b receptors tune cortical feedback to the olfactory bulb
Maza C, Lepousez, G, Nissant A, Valley MT and Lledo PM,  Nat Neurosci.  2016 Aug; 36(32):8289-8304.
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consensus: nice job Matt, teasing apart the function of a particular synapse in top-down control!

Sept. 27th – Sarah Najjar (Albers lab)

Coupled Activation of Primary Sensory Neurons Contributes to Chronic Pain
Kim YS, Anderson M, Park K, Zheng Q, Agarwal A, Gong C, Saijilafu, Young L, He S, LaVinka PC, Zhou F, Bergles D, Hanani M, Guan Y, Spray DC, Dong X. Neuron, 2016. 91(5): p. 1085-96.
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consensus: excitatory communication between neurons generated excited communication among scientists.
Sarah, your journal club generated an outstanding discussion!

Oct. 4th – Cedric Peirs (Seal lab)

Identification of Early RET+ Deep Dorsal Spinal Cord Interneurons in Gating Pain
Cui L, Miao X, Liang L, Abdus-Saboor I, Olson W, Flemming MS, Ma M, Tao Y, Luo W. Neuron, 2016. 91(5): p. 1137-53.
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consensus: these are some really powerful inhibitory interneurons!

Oct. 11th – Jorge Pineda (Gold lab)

The TRPM2 ion channel is required for sensitivity to warmth
Tan CH and Mcnaughton PA. Nature, 2016. 460(536).
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consensus: we are feeling warm all over — cool new heat transducer

Oct. 18th – Stephanie Puig (Gutstein lab)

GRK2 constitutively governs peripheral delta opioid receptor activity
Brackley, AD, Gomez, R, Akopian AN, Henry MA and Jeske NA. Cell Report, 2016. 16(2686).
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consensus: location, location, location!

Oct. 25th – Colleen Cassidy (Koerber lab)

Merkel disc is a serotonergic synapse in the epidermis for transmitting tactile signals in mammals
Chang W, Kanda H, Ikeda, R, Ling J, De Berry, JJ, Gu JG PNAS, 2016. 113(37) E5491.
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consensus: I like the feel of this!

Nov. 1st – Lindsey Snyder (Ross lab) **

Mapping sub-second structure in mouse behavior
Wiltschko AB, Johnson MG, Iurilli G, Peterson ER, Katon JS, Pashkovski SL, Abraira VE, Adams RP and Datta SR Neuron, 2015. 88(1121).
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consensus: Great journal club! Can’t wait to see improvements enabling the analysis of more complex behaviors

Nov. 8th – Melissa Giraldo Duque (Gold lab)

Social transfer of pain in mice
Smith ML, Hostetler CM, Heinricher MM, Ryabinin AE Science Advances, 2016. 2(10):e1600855.
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consensus: sensitive creatures!

Nov. 15th – SfN week

Nov. 22nd – Thanksgiving week

Nov. 29th – Marissa Kuzirian (Ross lab)

Capturing and manipulating activated neuronal ensembles with CANE delineates a hypothalamic social-fear circuit
Sakurai K, Zhao S, Takatoh J, Rodriguez E, Lu J, Leavitt AD, Fu M, Han BX and Wang F Neuron, 2016. 92(1).
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consensus: this paper was outstanding! What an awesome new tool!

Dec. 6th – Junichi Hachisuka (Ross lab)

In vivo interrogation of spinal mechanosensory circuits
Christensen AJ, Iyer SM, Francois A, Vyas S, Ramakrishnan C, Vesuna S, Deisseroth K, Scherrer G and Delp SL Cell Reports, 2016. 17(6)1699.
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consensus: we’re lighting up with excitement over this one!

Dec. 13th – Jane Hartung (Gold lab)

In vivo characterization of distinct modality-specific subsets of somatosensory neurons using GCaMP
Emery EC, Liuz, AP, Sikander S, Magnusdottir R, Dong X, Wood JN Science Advances, 2016. 2:e1600990.
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consensus: surprisingly controversial. Wow!
discussion from this journal club led to a heated debate Pain Research Forum