Current Research on Pain (CROP) 2017

Feb. 2nd – Tara Edwards (Kaplan lab)
Are you picking up what I’m putting down? How peripheral neurons detect signals from Candida albicans

Feb. 16th – David Levinthal
A neural basis for mind-body interactions in health and disease: New insights into an old problem

March 2nd – Sarah Najjar (Albers lab)
Optogenetic Investigation of Epithelial-Neuronal Signaling in the Colon

March 16th – Emanuel Loeza (Gold lab)
Modulation of colonic afferent’s excitability by GABA receptors

March 30th – Marsha Ritter Jones
Neurturin in neural-immune communication

April 13th –Nate Glasgow (Urban lab)
Mechanisms of biophysical diversity in olfactory bulb mitral and tufted cells

April 27th – Ben Warner (Kinchington lab)
A growth conditional varicella-zoster virus for study in the rat pain model of postherpetic neuralgia

May 11th – Jami Saloman (Davis lab)
Can NGF sequestration slow pancreatic cancer?

June 8th – Michael Chiang                                                                                                                                                       Neural circuits underlying the affective component of pain.

Previous Current Research Fall 2016

Sept. 1st – Lindsey Snyder (Ross lab)
Kappa opioid signaling in somatosensation

Sept. 15th – Daniel Shiwarski (Puthenveedu lab)
Surface delivery of delta opioid receptors as a strategy to increase antinociceptive efficacy

Sept. 29th – Dave Whitcomb (Whitcomb lab)
Complexity of Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis

Oct. 13th – Qing Liu (Gold lab)
Opioid induced loss of local anesthetic potency in total knee arthroplasty patients

Oct. 27th – Marissa Kuzirian (Ross lab)
Understanding the elusive function of cortical inhibitory projection neurons

Nov. 10th –Annie Liu (Urban lab)
Effect of early odorant exposure on the structure and output of the mammalian olfactory bulb

Nov. 15th – SfN week

Nov. 22nd – Thanksgiving week

Dec. 1st – Maggie Wright (Koerber lab)
Characterization of MrgD-lineal cutaneous afferents

Dec. 15th – Cedric Peirs (Seal lab)
Circuits and Mechanisms for Mechanical Allodynia